We hope that you will be delighted with your shutters however, sometimes the unforeseen occurs and we are therefore pleased to offer the reassurance of a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.   Please note that this does not cover accidental damage.

After Sales Shutter Use and Care

Our solid wood shutters are made from the finest materials and are hand-finished to the highest standard. To retain this quality for many years please follow these simple guidelines:

To open and close the panels on all shutter ranges:
Please use only the stiles (the vertical frame that the blades fit into) to open and close the panels. Please do not use the tilt rod or the blades to open the panels. Always close the blades before folding back the panels.

To open and close the louvres:
Tilt rod design shutters: The tilt rod operates the louvres. Pull down the tilt rod gently to open and push up gently to close the louvres.

All other Designs: The louvres are opened using a fingertip movement. Using two hands on two louvres simultaneously, gently rotate the louvres. On larger panels please use a louvres near the top of the panel and a louvre near the bottom of the panel as this will put less stress on the pivot mechanism.

Care for painted shutters
If your painted shutters are accidentally chipped please use the touch-up paint that is provided upon installation. Two coats of this paint should suffice, using a small head paintbrush. This quick drying paint will dry within 5 to 6 minutes. Brushes can be cleaned by using nail polish remover.

Daily cleaning for all shutter finishes
We recommend using a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust. Should any marks appear on painted shutters use a very slightly damp soft cloth to remove the mark and then dry off any residual moisture with a dry lint-free cloth. We do not recommend using any sort of furniture polish or cleaning solution on any of our shutters.

Faux leather shutters can be dusted as above. Any marks can be removed with a slightly damp cloth and again, dry off any residual moisture with a dry lint-free cloth. We do not recommend using any form of liquid or moisture on our faux suede shutters; a dry, lint-free cloth should help to remove any marks. A good way to keep faux suede shutters dust-free is to carefully vacuum with a soft brush attachment.


After Care Service
Should you require any help or advice once your shutters are installed, please call us on 01580 754064

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