Shutter Designs

  • Tier- on-Tier

    Tier- on-Tier

    Two sets of panels set one on top of the other that operate independently of each other.

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  • Café-Style


    Café-Style shutters help to create a strong design element to any interior. They are designed to cover the lower half of the window maximising privacy & light whilst the top half is left bare allowing both light and views.

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  • Full-Height


    Full-Height shutters are designed to cover the whole window, aperture or door.

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  • Slide and Track

    Slide and Track

    A sleek and practical solution to screen large glazed areas.

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  • Solid


    Solid Shutters add elegance and style.

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  • Skylight


    An ideal style option for overhead windows and skylights.

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  • Shaped Shutters

    Shaped Shutters

    Bespoke made shutters to fit unusual and awkward shaped windows.

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  • Aluminium Shutters

    Aluminium Shutters

    Crafted from highly durable, corrosion resistant aluminium, these shutters offer an ideal solution for home security whilst still offering a range of stylish options.

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  • Louvred Blades

    Louvred Blades

    The size of your louvred blades, will depend upon what style and purpose you wish to achieve with your beautiful new shutters.

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